DNS Service shut down, unable to start on windows 2008 R2 Domain

DNS error DNS Server Service failed to start

Unable to Start the DNS Server Service (DNS Server Service Shutting down)


Issue:    check the Event Viewer on the Domain if found the following

Solution: check windows updates if found the KB3145126  remove it

“no need to restart the machine”.

following event ID’s will generated….  Event ID 7034, Event ID 7031

Event ID 7034

Log Name:      System

Source:        Service Control Manager

Date:          1/25/2017 12:59:05 PM

Event ID:      7034

Task Category: None

Level:         Error

Keywords:      Classic

User:          N/A

Computer:      yourdomain.com


The DNS Server service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 10 time(s).



Event ID  7031

System                 Provider

[ Name]               Service Control Manager

[ Guid] {s}

[ ventSourceName]        Service Control Manager

EventID                7031

[ Qualifiers]        49152

Version 0

Level     2

Task       0

Opcode                0

Keywords            0x8080000000000000

TimeCreated      [ SystemTime]   2017-01-25T07:51:19.842653760Z

EventRecordID  256910



[ ProcessID]        576

[ ThreadID]         4792

Channel               System

Computer           yourdomain.com



param1 DNS Server

param2 2

param3 300000

param4 1

param5 Restart the service


Check the removal instruction






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