Windows 2012 Hyper-V

Windows2012 R2 Cli Installing GUI features Online

Switch between Server Core to Server GUI in Windows Server 2012 – ONLINE

Click the following link… and download


Extract files and copy contents to USB drive..

Connect the USB drive to the core server…Switch GUI Server

Default the command prompt appears…

After installation of windows 2012 R2 Core server the screen appears like…

To connect power shell from command prompt type c:/powershell (press enter)

List the files in USB …. ( E is my USB drive…. Access Usb by e: then enter)

PS E:\cd SwitchGUIServerCORE (enter)

PS E:\SwitchGUIServerCORE> .\SwitchGUIServerCORE.ps1 (enter to run the PS script)

Select the option (3) to install GUI from online resources

The installation starts –

after complete the installation reboot to boot with GUI… say Y to yes




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